White Plains – Alternative Airports For Jet Charter From New York


Private travelers looking to charter their own airplane from the New York area often forget about some of the city’s surrounding airports like Westchester Co. Airport in White Plains, Republic in Farmingdale, and Morristown Municipal in New Jersey. Though Teterboro is the premier airport for general aviation in New York City, these other suburban airports are often much more convenient for the private flier. If one is willing to drive a few more minutes to Westchester Co. Airport, they could easily save a few thousand dollars on a charter flight.The explanation is pretty simple: The majority of charter companies in the New York area keep their aircraft at these smaller, surrounding airports. When a client specifically requests a flight out of Teterboro, these companies have to fly the short distance to Teterboro to pick them up.
Places to visit in New YorkThis is expensive. But what’s interesting is how often it’s done. During a typical week, there are about twenty one-way flights from Westchester to Teterboro, most of them simple repositioning flights.

It’s not secret that jet aircraft are expensive to operate. That’s why the cost to fly from White Plains to Teterboro, even though a very short flight, is usually passed directly to the charter client. That’s why savvy charter buyers may skip Teterboro and use White Plains’ Westchester County airport as their preferred airport.

These are just estimates, but give you an idea of what to expect charter operators to charge you for a flight like this. There are several ways to go about finding the right charter operator to perform this flight.

First, you can simply Google “charter a jet from White Plains to Boston” or something similar and you’ll likely find several websites, Wilkinson Air Group’s included.

Most of these sites that appear are broker sites and will all be able to help locate a reasonable charter operator for the trip. The other way is to simply pick up the phone and call charter companies in White Plains yourself. That way you can deal directly with a charter coordinator at the various companies.

If you plan on doing it your own way and calling the charter company yourself, plan on doing a fair bit of legwork to make sure that you are getting the best option there is, both from a price point of view as well as safety and convenience. The quality of service that various brokers provide is all over the board, but finding the right one will save you a lot of effort and money on the flight.


Sherry Stefani is a charter coordinator with Wilkinson Air Group [http://www.wilkinsonair.com] and specializes in private air charter from White Plains [http://www.wilkinsonair.com/jet-charter-white-plains.html], as well as other New York area airports. She is an instrument-rated private pilot with a passion for aviation and air charter industry.


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